Icore worlds , are worlds wich are for the single reason of prodution. These worlds have on purpose been infested with Icore plants to create Icore.
Icore is the main resource used by The Blockon Empire. There are only 2 kind of facilities on Blockon Icore worlds.

You have Penal Colonies and Manufactorums.

Penal coloniesEdit

Finding workers to harvest the massive amounts of radiaoctive Icore is dangereus as hell. So ofcourse no one wants to do the JOB. So Prisoners are transported to mining facilities with small habititaition ability. There they are left with mining equipment. They must Mine Icore , They must reach a certain quote every amount of time to deliver or their Icore Power Generator is disabled from range cuasing their life support , lights ,food production all turn off.

So Its basicly work or die. Most prisoners are thieves , rebels , protesters , anything the Blockon goverment doesn't like.


Manufactorums are the beating heart of any Blockon Icore world. Because its the only place where people aren't forced to lvie on a Blockon Icore World.

Manufactorums are factories the Size of cities with Giant Habbital Spheres. On the cireo World there are nice healthy green cityies in domes. This makes the people happy and want them to live there.

They don't do this for Penal colonies sicne it would be too expansive.

Manofactorums produce guns , ships , generators , metals and all that shit.

An example of the massive construction power is the Blockon Law Unit