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The other side of Commeragh


one side of Commeragh

Commeragh is the Blockon Homeworld in their Homestar systeem i nthe Norma sector. The star of the plant is called Commeragh S. The Plant is very big causing its mass to be higher also resulting in a higher gravity. Causing Lifeorms to have tougher bones and mussles than species in Lower G planets. It's ruling race is the Blockon race. The world is prety young , yet already msot of their natural resources used in the Blockon empire untill Icore. This almost completly replaced most resources needed allowing to form Hive cities (very big concentration of population) and agriculture and special machines to cause alll needs to be fulfilled. The planet is however very pulleted. It was done on purpose to stop the too much 02 wich is needed but piosenous in large amounts.

It counts 3 continents and 1 island where scientist debate about if the island is an continent or not.

Only Thing special about it is its high gravity wich would cause an pillow to actualy weigh hard for a non-commeragh species. Except the Natural Icore deposists there is nothing special on the planet.

It does have a moon wich has a few Mooncolonies and space ships shipsyard. Allowing it to stay onground and be easy to drop off.