The Blockon Imperial fleet is the Main Blockon Fleet under direct control of the Blockon Imperial Ruler.

It is the biggest and strongest fleet the Blockon Empire has.
Night lords

The Flag of the empire

As All Blockon fleets it wears the mark of the empire.
  • note all blockon space craft can work in atmosphere orbit)

"The Might from Commeragh" Titan ShipEdit

The Might from Commeragh Titan Ship is the only non-underconstruction Titan Ship

The Titan ship has A Main twin Ion and Plasma weapon. It shoots A Ball of Ion energy and plasma circling
Blockon Super Capital ship
eachother towards where it is fired. The Ion weakens and fries systeems of the ship and the plasma causes damaga.

Further they have missles bays and Lazor weaponry gathered around the ship.

This Ship Travels by activaiting an faster tha nlight charged portal wich allows ships to go faster than light that passes through it. Other ships have the posiblity to open the FTL portal but the Titan ship is the only one who can create A Portal of its size.

The Captain of the ship is the Admiral of the fleet. So the Imperial ruler or an Designated Admiral

Capital Ships.Edit

Blockon Capital ship
Capital ships are the second biggest Ships in the Blockon Fleet.

It has a central loading lazor on its top where it charges for an kind of overloaded lazor shot. Yet It takes very much time to charge and shot.

Further It has small fighter bay to refull and reload fighters.

Number: 3 *last Updated* 11 November


Blockon Cruiser
The Cruiser is the Third Biggest ship in the Bockon Empire. It has in the front one major Missle bay and sideward lazzer cannons wich can be turned in an 180 degree angle sphere.

It has FTL portal

Number: 9 *last Updated* 11 November

Cruiser/frigate HybridEdit

It is smaller than the Cruiser but Bigger than the Frigate.

It Has a small Missle bay and a few Minor Missle batteries.
Blockon Cruiser.Frigate

It has FTL portal

Number: 23 *last Updated* 11 November


Blockon Frigate
The Frigate is prety small and has minor advanced shields and slower but it has one great improvement. It has a 1 or 2 minor lazor batteries but 2. 5 Meter mass driver cannons it is able to pierce shileds that stop plasma and lazors.

Also it is very strong with planetary bombardment since their bullets will act as pointed asteroids.

It has FTL portal

Number: 10 *last Updated* 11 November


Blockon Fighter

A Blockon fighter

The fighter /bomer

Is the smallest Blockon Vessle. It has a crew of 3-5. It drops boms and fired small burst of missles and plasma.

It cannot create FTL portals but can trave lthrough them.

So Its mosly uses FTl portals of other ships. Causing it to be the first to launch . So to abd for the crew also catches the first enemy fire.

Number: 100 *last Updated* 11 November