Blockon Power armor

A Blockon in Power armor.

The Blockon empire is an empire consisted of the Blockon Race.

It was an empire formed on the Planet Commeragh. The Blockons after murdering every species capable of becoming sentient had been slain an goverment was formed for all Blockons.

The emprie is largly dependant on their Icore worlds (Icore worlds ) filled with the Icore plant to get materials and energy.

Their govermennt

Night lords

The Flag of the empire

Solar Totaltair Union: Each Solar systeerm has its own Blockon Imperial overseer wich rules with aboslute power over his solar systeem. But they all own allegiance to the Blockons homesysteem Imperial Ruler.
It is the Imperial ruler who places Imperial Overseers.
Only the blockon homesysteem chooses the Imperial ruelr and he places the imperial overseers.
History: After the massive wars for survivial against all other sentient races. When they were victorious there shattard kingdoms and tribes formed togther to take control of their world.

The Goverment was prety much the same The main Blockon kingdom chose an imperial ruler who appointed ruelrs in other regions. Later the region that appoitned the imperial ruler grow and later the planet and later the systeem.

Mayby later even multible systeems will choose an imperial ruler when etchnology has improved.