New Blockon

The Blockon is a smaller humanoid creature. There exsistance acualty came prety early, Since their world is still young, people do not know if they evolved or an sort of adaption of an other race.

There about 1.2 meters big on averege. They have wings who can be handy to help to jump to accomedate for their small size.

There Size comes of their Planet Commeragh in the Norma Sector. It is an heavy gravity planet being almost 4 times the gravity of earth. Because of this there bones are much stronger and stronger than normale creatures on their homeplanet or any planet wich has an bigger gravity than their homeworlds.

Because of evolving on an young planet there was little 02 and their race complely changed to compensate for this. Yet when there was more 02 in the air , there lungs coulden't wistand and they had to wear from generation to generation masks to filter out to much 02. Later when industry and cilivzation formed they needed the masks to rout the too much c02 that was released. As Technology advanced also certain exaustports are installed in a Blockon who stopped growing and inserted to help breath even better on other plants and even store it for short moments where there can be no air in space.

They Are Carinvaurs , they eat a lot of mean. But because of decreasing stock they now mostly use supplement. Yet on Blockon Colonies meat is still found for sale and transport to the homesysteem.

Blockon Power armor

A Blockon in Power armor.

Blockon Technology has grown to useIcore for almost everything.

Early Blockon HistoryEdit

Men say living with other races helps technology , religion and understanding. This ofcourse was completly not the case. The Blockins being the first sentient species on their world have fought many young and new races consatntly better and stronger.

Some spreading like ants other as big as trees. Not Much is kown of realy early history. It was more the Blockons fighting for survival of their race. Not realy wrighting everything.

Only In Imperial Age there realy was history since the wars of constantly new rising sentient lfie died by killing everything showing intelligance. Problem solved

Imperial AgeEdit

  • must be continued*